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LNP-0080 – Knox: Rounds About
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Title: Rounds About
Composer: Charles Knox
Catalog #: LNP-0080
Item type: performance set
Genre: chamber 
Instrumentation: violin, clarinet in A, trombone, percussion
Format: 8.5"x11"
Duration: 6:22
ISBN-13: 9781631620072
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Comments: Performance set includes 1 score and set of parts. • Recorded on the Albany Records CD "Clouds are not Spheres" (TROY 264). • The composer says: Rounds About for violin, clarinet, trombone and percussion is in five short movements: rounds (perpetual canons) in movements I, III and V, alternating with interludes (movements II and IV). (A sort of poor-man's Well Tempered Clavier or Ludus Tonalis.) The work was commissioned by Tom O'Donnell in 1983 and given its first performances by his chamber ensemble. O'Donnell, a member of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, has given many "educational" concerts with his own chamber group. These pieces, written for one instrument from each section of the orchestra, employ an imitative form with which most young people are familiar. The round, whose ending harmonizes with its beginning, may be repeated indefinitely, but, in this case, to spare the audience, endings have been provided. Perhaps unnoticed by young audiences, these rounds modulate with each imitative entrance, eventually returning to the starting pitch.

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