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LNP-0218 – Knox: Clouds Are Not Spheres
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Title: Clouds Are Not Spheres
Composer: Charles Knox
Catalog #: LNP-0218
Item type: performance set
Genre: trio 
Instrumentation: flute, cello, piano
Duration: 11:21
ISBN-13: 9781631620393
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Clouds Are Not Spheres
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Comments: Performance set includes piano/score and parts for flute and violoncello. • The composer says: Clouds are not Spheres was composed in 1994 especially for Christina Smith, flute, Dorothy Lewis, cello and Cary Lewis, piano. Though based on some planned arithmetic relationships (principally in rhythmic relationships), this work depends for its musicality on some much more subjectively-arrived-at melodies and counterpoints. "Clouds are not spheres," a statement by Benoit Mandelbrot (as quoted in the book, Chaos, by James Gleik), seems an appropriate title; random shapes can be much more complex than regular, geometric forms.

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