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LNP-0228 – Knox: Sacred Moments
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Title: Sacred Moments
Composer: Charles Knox
Catalog #: LNP-0228
Item type: performance score
Genre: solo 
Instrumentation: flute
ISBN-13: 9781631620492

Comments: Five brief movements: I. Adoration, II. Dove, III. Beatitude, IV. Passion, V. Alleluia. (Movement IV requires use of low B foot joint.) The composer says:
  Sacred Moments originated as three short pieces intended for used as interludes in a worship service at Druid Hills Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, Georgia. The simplicity of short pieces and an unaccompanied single-line instrument seemed appropriate for the particular occasion. Adoration, Dove and Alleluia were the movements presented in the service. Later Beatitude and Passion were added to complete the cycle of some of the most memorable moments in the life of Christ.
   The dedication is to Ann Spauchus, who was soprano soloist at Druid Hills Presbyterian Church at the time the original three pieces were first presented. After her death, the other two movements were added.
   The challenge of writing simple music in this complicated age led me to limit this music to one diatonic scale with no accidentals in all five pieces.
~Charles Knox

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