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LNP-0229 – Knox: Semordnilap
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Title: Semordnilap
Composer: Charles Knox
Catalog #: LNP-0229
Item type: performance set
Genre: quartet 
Instrumentation: flute, soprano, marimba, piano
ISBN-13: 9781631620508

Comments: Semordnilap< was written for and first performed by the contemporary music ensemble, Thamyris. The first four movements are solos (usually with accompaniment) for each of the four performers. In the fifth movement the four solos are performed again, all at the same time. The solo movements may be performed in any order at the discretion of the ensemble; the fifth movement should be performed last. Each piece is a musical palindrome, meaning that it reads the same way backward as forward, which in turn means that the latter half of each piece is the same as the first half reversed. Each piece is named one of the very familiar word palindromes, and the word palindrome is spoken or in one case, sung in each movement. Charles Knox

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