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A Song of Remembrance
(Henning) LNP-0298
Agnus Dei
(Bryant) LNP-0119
Agnus Dei (Op. 106, No. 5)
(Henning) LNP-0319
Alleluia in A-flat, Op. 33
(Henning) LNP-0056
Alleluia in D (SA, unacc.)
(Henning) LNP-0077
Alleluia in D (SATB)
(Henning) LNP-0078
Alleluia in D (SSA)
(Henning) LNP-0106
Angels and Strangers
(Gresham) LNP-0177
As Kingfishers Catch Fire
(Gresham) LNP-0167
Attempted Claviercide
(Knox) LNP-0221
Awake, My Soul
(Gresham) LNP-0011
Be Watchful
(Gresham) LNP-0034
Blue Shamrock
(Henning) LNP-0145
Café Cortadito
(Gresham) LNP-0266
Clouds Are Not Spheres
(Knox) LNP-0218
(Bird) LNP-0237
Creation Fires My Tongue
(Gresham) LNP-0178
(Weaver) LNP-0235
Earth, Space and Time
(Knox) LNP-0231
Evanston Fanfare
(Gresham) LNP-0265
Fanfare for Brass Quintet
(Gresham) LNP-0055
Five Miniatures
(Koukl) LNP-0195
(Koukl) LNP-0238
(Gresham) LNP-0206
Gloria (Op. 106, No. 2)
(Henning) LNP-0316
Go Now in Peace
(Gresham) LNP-0010
Great Are You, O Lord
(Gresham) LNP-0047
Heedless Watermelon
(Henning) LNP-0232
hommage a b. b.
(Elliott) LNP-0136
How Excellent Is Thy Name
(Gresham) LNP-0022
I Move, I Go, I Seek
(Gresham) LNP-0014
I Sought the Lord
(Bird) LNP-0088
If You Love Me
(Wheeler) LNP-0126
Il messaggero
(Koukl) LNP-0147
Irreplaceable Doodles
(Henning) LNP-0244
Jesus, Born in Bethl'em
(Gresham) LNP-0021
Keep Watch, Dear Lord
(Gresham) LNP-0105
Love is the Spirit
(Henning) LNP-0259
Love of God, The (arr.)
(Weaver) LNP-0062
Mortal Coils
(Gresham) LNP-0196
No Greater Love
(Gresham) LNP-0104
(Henning) LNP-0164
Only Four?
(Knox) LNP-0224
Organ Sonata
(Henning) LNP-0269
Piccola rapsodia
(Koukl) LNP-0169
Prelude and Fugue
(Knox) LNP-0226
Psalm 150
(Gresham) LNP-0023
Quintet for Woodwinds
(Knox) LNP-0127
Reflections I
(Bird) LNP-0090
Reflections II
(Bird) LNP-0091
Repeat That, Repeat
(Gresham) LNP-0044
(Koukl) LNP-0107
Rounds About
(Knox) LNP-0080
Sacred Moments
(Knox) LNP-0228
(Knox) LNP-0219
(Knox) LNP-0229
Six Preludes
(Elliott) LNP-0138
Six Songs of Solomon
(Bird) LNP-0083
(Weaver) LNP-0135
Sonata for Oboe and Piano
(McLean) LNP-0245
(Knox) LNP-0214
Song and Double
(Knox) LNP-0217
Song of Mary (SAB)
(Henning) LNP-0163
Song of Mary (SATB)
(Henning) LNP-0162
Song of Simeon (SATB)
(Henning) LNP-0161
Springs in the Desert
(Clearman) SAV-010
Star in Darkness Shining
(Weaver) LNP-0043
Steal Away (SATB)
(Gresham) LNP-0027
Steal Away (SSAA)
(Gresham) LNP-0033
Steal Away (TTBB)
(Gresham) LNP-0032
Studies in Impermanence
(Henning) LNP-0264
Suite for Organ
(Bird) LNP-0089
Swivels and Bops
(Henning) LNP-0234
tau of n
(Knox) LNP-0222
Temple Slip Jig and Reel
(Clearman) SAV-012
The Lamb
(Bryant) LNP-0159
The Young Galileo (SSAA)
(Gresham) LNP-0028
The Young Galileo (TTBB)
(Gresham) LNP-0029
Three Ucrainian Songs
(Koukl) LNP-0116
(Koukl) LNP-0200
Waltzing Matilda (arr.)
(Sarre) LNP-0175
Young T. J.
(Bruce) LNP-0110

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