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LNP-0216 – Henning: Angel Who Bears a Flaming Sword [The] (C flute)
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Title: Angel Who Bears a Flaming Sword [The] (C flute)
Composer: Karl Henning
Catalog #: LNP-0216
Item type: performance score
Genre: solo 
Instrumentation: flute
Duration: 10:00
ISBN-13: 9781631620379
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Comments: For solo flute, unaccompanied.
   Composer's notes: "The Angel Who Bears a Flaming Sword (2008), originally a piece for trumpet, was adapted to C flute for Nicole Chamberlain, who is active as both a flutist and composer in Atlanta, Georgia. It was premièred by her in November 2009 at Emory Presbyterian Church in Atlanta.
   The piece has some elements of Ego vox clamantis in deserto (as John the Baptist ‘explained’ himself in the Gospel). The sword of flame is in the hands of an Angel posted by the Most High to bar the return of errant man to Paradise; and, in part, this piece meditates on that Angel’s sorrow." ~Karl Henning
   Also available in a version for alto flute (LNP-0215).
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